Featured Website: Teabox.com – For Lovely Tea Times!

Home decor, my first love yes! But without my first morning cuppa, I'm a boring soul wandering here and there aimlessly.  So you can say 'tea revives me'!

My Amazing Find!

We are not alone, I'm sure there are many of you out there who feel exactly the same with tea. Spotted, not today, but at least a month back was this amazing website which all you tea lovers will love alike. Have been stalking it like a shy teenager.




Wooden Shesham Tray by Exclusive Lane at Fashionara!

Sheesham Wood Tray There is no match for things wooden and earthen and I seem to find myself keep falling for them again and again. But then you can’t blame me at all. What’s my fault if I keep spotting these gorgeous products made out of them, ha? Today’s earthy sheesham wood was spotted at…