This way please, the beach, the breeze, the dreams…


You can live the life of your dreams only on this land called beach. You can be unpretentious while here- no breach police!


“She sells sea shells on the sea shore” well, you don’t need to buy sea shells when on beach- they are free, free for all to collect, feel, take with them forever!!


Sea- it changes us completely. We become someone else when we are on the beach



Sea brings out the ‘happy+lovely ‘ out of us, on the front. Everyone who is around us are happy to see that side.

Even the loners don’t seem to be alone.

What magic does sea/sea beach have on us that we become like that- the best of us!!


Is it the sound of tides, the breeze, the reflection of sun??


The accents sea leaves on shores(seashells, corals, etc.)



The sea greens and the ocean blues- What is it?

Many of us are so inspired by it that we want to bring as much of it as possible if we are travelling to a sea.


And suddenly we all want a beautiful home facing the sea..

How the kid inside us jumps the moment we see those lovely shells lying here and there, as if waiting for us all this while.


What do you do with them, some people like to keep it with them forever, like a memory, a photo; in jars, boxes..





And then everything is styled, stylized around it, as if home is beach itself.

And then some of us bring its subtle form- all the feelings…

Sea is but an expression of our emotions and feelings. Sea is the beginning, it is the end!

A penny for your thoughts!

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