Blue – they say denotes freshness and coolness. And on the other hand they use blues for sadness. We say, we could agree for once with grays or browns associated with sadness but in no way can blue be a sad color. Anyway, today we’ve 25 such ‘blues’ in decor accents, different shades, more than we know of(they all have a name). These are so vivid, they would definitely take your blues away!!

Shhh, ok we shut-up. Enjoy the round-up!

|1| Tiffany Blue

|2| Lapis Lazuli Blue

|3| Cerulean Blue

|4| Sea Blue

|5| Pale Robin Egg Blue

Loving the blue diya(4) and the lantern(5).

|6| Cobalt Blue

|7| Vivid Sky Blue

|8| B’dazzled Blue

|9| Sky Blue

|10| Baby Blue

We want that vintage graphic Biscuit platter(6). The wall decor(10) is inspiring us to ‘think less and do more’.

|11| Deark Electric Blue

|12| Queen Blue

|13| Sapphire Blue

|14| Prussian Blue

|15| Verdigris Blue

Oooh want them all. Especially loving the wire stool(15) and the lacquered trunk(12).

|16| Denim Blue

|17| Aero Blue

|18| Cambridge Blue

|19| Catalina Blue

|20| Cadet Blue

Our vase love.

|21| Cerulean Blue

|22| Royal Blue

|23| Dark Cerulean Blue

|24| Turquoise Blue

|25| Oxford Blue

Planter(23), pitcher(21), aroma candle(22)- would love any(or all) as gift!

Even a little blue at home can do the magic. Any one of these products is capable of brightening up any corner. All you blue-haters(are there any, we don’t think so), did this round-up make you change your mind?

When you choose a product, do you look at the color first or the product itself??

A penny for your thoughts!

Shades of blue courtesy: 

ps- We have tried our best to match the shades with the products, however in reality, their shade could be different from what it appears on screen.

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