bathroom many a times are the most ignored zones of our home, when it should be the other way. We feel it must be well kept if not beautifully decked for two main reasons- firstly it’s a place where we start our day-brushing, bathing, etc. and it will have a pleasing effect on our minds if it’s neat and clean. The second reason why it’s good to keep it proper is because when we have guests at our place and if they had a nice jovial time in your living room and the moment they need to use your unkempt washroom, it might make a bad impression of you.

And of course the hygiene factor is there as far as a clean loo is concerned. We are going beyond that today, we want everyone to have a beautiful bathroom- that they would love to show off.

With the overabundance of amazing bath and toilet accents to choose from, you can’t have any more excuses of not doing so.

|1| |2| |3|

We are simply in love with these three- they fit into what we crave the most- the compactness.

|4| |5| |6|

Blue- the ongoing fave color, we won’t mind decorating our whole bathroom in the shades of blue.

|7| |8| |9|

These clean lines would give a further feeling of neatness to your bathroom- bye bye haphazardness.

|10| |11| |12|

We always say yes to anything with nature’s impression- floral, leaves,  animal prints. Loving the birdie one(10).

|13| |14| |15|

If you love marbles- you’d love these too.

|16| |17| |18|

Metallic’s have been used before in bathroom accents in the form of buckets and tumbler, but what we’ve these days are high quality, non corrosive metals perfect for the bathroom use.

|19| |20| |21|

Whites and off whites have been an all time fave pick for a lot of us, and they still countinue to impress us.

|22| |23| |24|

Loving the finish on this amazing bath accent(23)

|25| |26| |27|

All white and black, yet all foretelling a different story- want them all!

|28| |29| |30|

Bring wood to accents if you want to bring class to your bathroom.

Bathroom accents doesn’t only consist of bin, brush-holder, dispenser, soap-dish and tray, just by keeping these in your bathroom , you can’t expect it to look what they deserve. You’ll have to add other elements too, to balance and beautify the whole look completely. Some of those things include- mat, tiles, curtains, etc. Will definitely be touching one and all of these topics in our future posts.

A penny for your thoughts!

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