there are many things at home we overlook or we don’t pay heed to. They are there, we use them every day but we never care about them. One of that everyday object is jug/pitcher (whatever you may want to call them). We have them, we pour water, beer, juice, milk, etc. from it; but we don’t give it any attention. Though this is not the case with everyone. Some people make it a point to have an attractive one. Many of us have/use vintage ones, if we care for them properly, they could become a piece of envy for visitors. Having said that, we also agree that the times have changed and many of us make it a point that every single detail of a household is taken care of- can understand this from the numerous flourishing kitchen and home d├ęcor companies.

Today, we’ve brought attention to 20 such lovelies- all special in their own way. They would charm you, inspire you and urge you to change yours!!

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Kilner Red Enamel Finish Metal Jug(2) could be your pitcher or a beautiful vase. Our all time fave copper pitchers(3). Don’t you just love this duck decanter(4)

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The contrasting factor is the yellow on the inside in this Orla Kiely raised stem pitcher(6). The John Lewis Cobalt blue jug(7) is truly a work of art inspired by the cirrus clouds. The teflon coated steel milk pitcher(8) is great for those coffee times. French style vintage floral pitcher(9) can be your decorating accent when not working as a jug. Katie Alice English Garden Tall Jug(10) is an inspiration from her own garden.

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Miss Blackbirdy milk jug(11) is the cutest ever. The dishwasher safe SAN plastic pitcher(13) holds up to 60 ounces of whatever you may like. What say for this sculpted pitcher(14)?

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Handwrought Silverplate & Mother of Pearl pitcher(17) by Fajardo of Taxco, Mexico. This Antique Wedgwood dark blue Jasperware dip jug(16) is sadly sold-out but worth showcasing here. If you notice there is a frog sitting at the mouth of this beautiful brass pitcher(18). Sterling silver water pitcher(19) by premieres in this field- the Tiffany & Co.

We all have pitchers jugs, decanters at home, some of those pieces are even antiques. It is a good idea to check through all that we’ve before throwing, replacing and buying because you never know their value until you see them with a different eye. They are not necessarily for water, beer, wine, juice or milk- they could a be great decorating accent too!

A penny for your thoughts. 

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