Bollywood Prints In Home Decor 

bollywood- makes us tap out foot, well our eyes, grab a hand in fear, idol worship our heroes. We simply can’t imagine our lives without it. So, when it comes to bring a small playful element home, we won’t mind it. To add to it, if it has to do anything with our beloved super-hero, Mr Big B- we’ll grab it with both hands.

So today we bring to you our handsome Amitabh Bachchan in a cushion(Throw pillow) cover. The awesome cover was spotted on dulce couture.

The product is available with or with fillers at a minimal extra cost.

  • Size: 16″
  • Material: Taffeta Silk 
  • Graphics: Amitabh Bachchan 
  • Color: Blue 
  • Price: INR 300 without filler; INR 420 with filler 

The fabric is smooth and crisp considered to be a high end fabric.

Bollywood + Big B a top notch combination, brighten up your couch and home with this cool product, grab yours from dulce couture!!

A penny for your thoughts!

ALL IMAGES, PRICING & Logo: dulce couture


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