The Awesome Corallo Chair!!

there are times that you come across something, and there is a feeling of numbness, there is a feeling that you can’t function after that for a moment. Then that moment surpasses you yet you are not over the surprise. Exactly what happened to us when we saw this amazing Corallo armchair. Made of steel wire, the wire’s are so tangle to take an arbitrary shape of a chair. What an Offbeat Idea!!

Available in three colors- black, red and white; obviously each piece different from the other.

For more information and spec sheets check out SPACE furniture.

Spotted the Corallo armchair at one of Fiona Lynch’s project of an elegant Victorian home spotted at Vogue Living.

And it doesn’t end here. This beautiful Corallo bed is so inviting yet so intimidating..

If you thought, human creativity ends here, surprise yourself with yet another collection ~via~ of what seems like arbitrary scribbling , but its not. These are 3D wire frame chairs!! These were made by Japanese designer Daigo Fukawa who calls the collection ‘rough sketch products!! See more…

After these, we feel a need to sit in a normal arm chair. Not because we didn’t love what we saw, but so that we comprehend and let what we saw sink in!!

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A penny for your thoughts!

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