music is your words

Those words are melody to ears

Music is your voice

Which I haven’t heard for years.


When no one’s around I plug you in

When I’m not around I get plugged into you

And I find myself longing..

You replace my brain with soul


I’m never too busy for you

You are never too trite

I’ve found a few new love

And yet you burn me through some nights


You are fluid-

You play many characters

You are personal

And yet you create Chartbusters


I like the Pink Flyod but a Pop sometimes will do

A bollywood number for a twist or two

I hum you in the car along with the good ol’ radio

I may not always hear you,

But I’m always listening to you!!




Wonder what we would have been without music- still uncivilized to a great deal….. ? Music brings the harmony..

Music makes us, music can’t be judged. Music, songs, melodies inspire us. They are our emotions- words or no words. 

What does music mean to you? Have you met anyone who doesn’t care for music at all?

A penny for your thoughts!

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