books are special, nowadays books are rare too- I mean we don’t buy much books these days. I distinctly remember my Grand Pa saving money to buy Reader’s Digest Books. He had a huge collection and in one instant he lost most them to floods. I feel books have an emotional bond- you turn the pages of your favorite book- first the aroma takes over you, then you go down the memory lane and the book becomes a part of you for forever!

After a few simpler and more practical bookshelf designs yesterday, today we didn’t want to stop our self from the extra-ordinary designs of bookshelves. Have selected dream collection, hoping to be an inspiration for all of us to do a li’l extra for those book friends of ours! 


Once you keep your books in any of these bookshelf, they are sure to become the center of attention, the point of focus of your home and no more a plain bookshelf holding books but definitely a work of art. Wondering if we can have a dream wish list- things that we might own someday but are happy even with them in our dreams. If I’ve to create such a list- all of these are definitely going there. And not all of them are so unreachable, what do you say?

A penny for your thoughts!

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