Yes, it’s so dreamy, large space, perfect lighting, wooly rug, comfy-chair, mirror- it’s definitely a whole-world happening here.

I mean who would want to come out of it.

not all of us are lucky enough to have large spaces. Especially large bathrooms and kitchen. But instead of fretting, isn’t it better to make it look good and practical at the same time with whatever we have. If we truly do that, involving ourselves, we’ll end-up creating a space that we wouldn’t barter for anything. After planning, the foremost thing to keep in mind in small spaces is organizing. Not that large homes don’t need organizing- they definitely do. But small spaces need some practical intelligent solutions.

We wanted to do a post which involves all kinds of solution for most of the places of our home in one, but realized its only practical to cover one space at a time- in parts. So we start our complete guide for home organizing * storing * shelving with bathrooms. Many of us ignore it and think we are done just by cleaning it- well you might just change your minds after going through these amazing ideas.

Decorate your simple shelf

Well, we start with this very simple kind of a shelving which many of us have- the idea is to keep it pretty- you can use bathroom related accessories like corals, or keep other stuffs different kind of transparent glass jars. Choose your kind of aroma setting- ones which come with other decorative accents.

Under the wash-basin

If you’ve a major space crunch in our bathroom- this idea comes in handy! create a niche just below your basin better by following the parallel contours, and keep all that you need to. If you don’t like to display what you’ve kept, you can either have a curtain or translucent sliding covers.

Small drawers

Hang a small shelf with small drawers on the walls. These not only keep small things segregated and organized- they look great too. The upper portion of the shelf can also be used to keeps things.

I mean, who made those crates

Crates- don’t we just love them. They come in handy at every place we can imagine. ‘It’s like when in trouble-bring in crates’. We’ll definitely do a post on it soon. Anyway back to these crates which have just been painted in bright colors and towels carefully matched and stacked on it look amazing and also makes us feel- if we need to say anything after this. A smaller crate left to its original texture is used to keep jars of ear buds and salts. In the second pic, again we see the wood is untouched, simply kept over one another with small, boxes, tissue rolls and towels. Also, we wanted to bring attention to two ways in which you can stack your towels-folded or rolled. The latter definitely takes a little longer to do- the choice is yours.


A kid’s bathroom

Of course , other than being colorful, it needs to be practical as well. keep all things he/she needs at a shelf hung quite lower within their reach and other things that they need to use under supervision- a little above. Make it playful by adding interesting hooks for clothes and wet towels.

Towel stacking solutions

These are some of the accessories wall-hung to stack those towels. Great if you are not a great organizer and don’t have time for proper arranging details.

For those toiletry clutter

These are some easy ways to keep your bathroom clutter-free of all those toiletries. A hook on the wall or on the doors- comes in useful. Either hang a multi-pocket cloth organizer( we see this one(10) made out of towel material- DIY anyone?). And if you are that lazy- just hang in that bucket full of accessories on the wall. Paint it like this one(11) if you like to make it look more appealing. Just keep in mind the hook where it rests should be strong enough to avoid accidents.

Another interesting idea(12) of using your old wine rack for all those bottles and rolled towels.


All of us seem to be falling in love with ladders. And they no longer serve one purpose of reaching to above spaces- they now work as our towel holders too. Most of us want to use it is because they make any place look good. The best part is that they don’t have to finished- they can always have that distressed look. In fact we love the distressed look.

All women stuff

We really need a separate space for our bathroom use accessories. Our stuffs range from small items like lipsticks to larger ones like hair-straightners. Keeping them at one place for easy access and de-cluttering is always a good idea. How about these two ideas?(17,18)

Tray anyone?

Last but definitely not the least- our favorite organizing tool- Trays! Always functional, always handy. If you can’t find anything and need immediate solution take your old tray out and arrange things- a little aesthetically would do.

Hope this was inspiring enough for you to get going. Organized bathroom is good for everyone who uses it. Keeping things segregated makes them easy to find , saving time before getting ready for your office every day

A penny for your thoughts!

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