Cages look best, when empty!
Cages look best, when empty!

Life review!

Connecting with all of you after a long, really long time. I could begin by saying that I was up to so many odd things, working on stuffs for better reviews on RHD, but no I won’t lie, I can’t.. This long break was for a review on life itself- after a loss of a loved one! How life can change for you in an instant and how you find yourself going down and down, deep inside a pit hole. How everything starts to feel immaterial..

And then suddenly, you feel a power, as if that same loved one is pushing you back to surface and not just pushing.. but a whole inspiration and motivation befalls over you. To continue what you were doing, to start from where you left..

So, here I’m back in action, hoping to fill you all with fresh reviews soon!!

Meanwhile, since Holi just went by, take a look at these colorful pastels in home decor accents here!

I wouldn’t miss a chance to say thank you to all of you all, who still stood by and for all the new likes. Grateful.

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