Fun Elements That Make Your Home Your Own!

We all must( if we haven’t) add one or more elements to our homes, to personalize it, to make it more fun. If all of us buy stuffs from same places, all the homes would look similar! But adding that pinch of fun of your own personal liking whether through colors, patterns, objects or any other elements will make that home of yours- YOURS!

Here in this first picture, the patterns, textures and that red black and white graphic is doing the trick!

Colorful pompom balls, and TT racquets make for a queer but cute break at this bar trolley!

A touch of gold and flower adorned deer makes us believe that this person loves her work!

These gorgeous sea urchins from a walk last evening by the shore is here to stay!

Adding personalize banner or the initial’s pillow does the magic here in this nursery.

An element or two of bright yellow with the patterned floor makes the above terrace unique!

Mix and match pillows make for a comfy personal space

Bird throw pillows + appliquéd rug make this home distinctive.

We’ve featured this home office here before. Sharing again to for its sheer use of colors that make it one of its kind.

There can many other elements that make your home your own, personal- a collage of your photographs, souvenirs from trips to beautiful places or a simple mix and match of stuffs, find yours today!


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