Superstorage Lapdesk by PBteen

Work is fun, work should be fun! If you are one of those who love their work, consider yourself blessed. To make work even more fun and easy, they create these amazing things, and then you don't have an excuse! Wonder, how long these have been around. Ashamed to be so aloof of something so useful and yet never been featured. Look what we have found today- A Lapdesk! Yes, as the name suggests, it's a desk for your lap. Being someone who keeps the laptop so much on lap(which by the way is not good for your health, read here) this was a much needed discovery. The sturdy top is great for all your work, while the soft bottom gives cushion to your lap and ease of use. It also has an easy to carry handle! We are sure, many of you already know of it, own it. Nevertheless, this still needs a special mention. We are absolutely loving this material choice and finish- MDF(wood finish) + gray canvas- this small thing called Super Storage Lapdesk has great many features!

  • Color ~ Available in 4 color/finishes
  • Size ~ 17"  x 13"  x 5.5"
  • Three compartments for storage
  • Care ~ Wipe with a soft dry cloth.
  • Personalize ~ Monogram with 25 font and 22 colors
  • Built in wooden ledge to keeps things in place
  • Price ~ $69.99 – $99

Our surprise doesn't end here, There are many variants available. This one called Superstudy Lapdesk is for all the study that you want to do while on bed or just anywhere.

And this one, ladies you are going to love this- Faux Fur Manicure/Pedicure Lapdesk(Includes mani, pedi tool set). Now, this is a must have for all you girls who not only loves to take care of your hands and feet but would also love to keep/store the required tools, paints, etc. in one place securely.

Now, that's what we call an amazing find and it does feel like an achievement!

So, whether you want to gift this to someone or want/need it for yourself, you can choose from the abundant types and color/finish available. No regrets!

A penny for your thoughts!

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