There are times, when just one small thing is required to really complete the look. Or one small thing to ease usability and functionality around home. We should never underestimate them. I'm an ardent fan of things that are simple, and so is my find for today. It's a small kitchen shelf by Matchless  available at for all the quick recipes you want to try without wasting much time, looking for ingredients. It's minimal details still has everything one looks for in a small kitchen shelf. I am loving how it has a space for hanging tea towels or kitchen towels whatever you may want to call them. Oh! This reminds me of a round-up of beautiful kitchen towels I had done few months back at my better half.

Did you check out this amazing corner shelf, if not, it needs your attention right now!

More information :

Available at: 

Price: INR 1,999/- + Delivery charges may apply

Material : Wood

Dimensions: 24" x 8" x 7" (Dimensions in inches)

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