Got our monthly doze of Inside Outside magazine August Issue yesterday and got so engrossed in its amazing features that completely forgot to write the review for you all. Nonetheless, here we’re with the all the reasons why you should get your own copy!

Quirky, cute products!

We love animals, animal art, figurines. The quirky products from The Furniture Republic are the first thing that catch our eyes. Another selection of quirky yet innovative products in the section out of the box are these amazing recycled products. Imagine things at places they don’t belong to- Kettle table lamps, latch paperweights to name a few.

Just like we did on 15th of August, Indian Flag color- Kitchen Product round-up, they have done an amazing home decor collection in their salute to the Tricolor.

More Flooring Queries- here is your answer!

Most of your questions  regarding flooring must have been answered, which was also the issue focus of Good Home magazine(of which we did a review two weeks back). If you are still in doubt or any of the queries remain to be answered, for sure Inside Outside would come handy with their small yet informative ideas on  flooring.

Designer speak

With a  very interesting tete-a-tete with Principle Designer of The Orange Lane Shabnam Gupta- we tour two of her creations. The Sassy Spoon restaurant in South Mumbai & an apartment in Juhu. In the interview she talks about her style and philosophies regarding architecture and design she has integrated in many of her creations.

Architect Hiren Patel of Ahmedabad has many designs to his accolade. He is especially talking about three of his projects here. He calls one of them ‘Frill house’. These amazing interiors have art appreciated in almost all the walls and it’s  the center of Hiren’s style. In fact the colors of the larger pieces are mostly neutral and the colors come into picture from the art work in the accessories. It is highly recommended that you take a good glimpse of these interiors if you are a lover of art but don’t know how you can incorporate it in your home. The other two projects featured are one a Jain temple inspired restaurant in Ahmedabad and the second is a luxurious home designed in muted tones.

An abode with a NY feel

Another must watch feature is of a modern apartment in Gurgaon done by Keya Chatterjee  where inexpensive elements are worked upon to bring out a completely new look with modern aesthetics. While the intention is to give a modern look, some of the paintings and photographs  chosen  have an old feel to it. Most of the furniture is designed by her with the help of local carpenters, framers, painters and printers.

Stylish home

Beautiful interiors strike a chord with your eyes instantly before you even start reading what its all about. Its home to Arthi and Mansoor, one of the four apartments at Zahara. Its beautifully done by Cronos Constructions and Architects Advani & Associates based in Bengaluru.

Must see!

Other interesting stories comprise of Samira Rothod designed office in Mumbai using commercial plywood;  a rentable function facility called ‘meri dilli‘ in a corporate office  designed by Archohm Consults Pvt Ltd.-a must see! Lastly, a studio Gym by fitness expert Saumya Dalmia done by Architect Sumeet Nath of Studio Us Design sees an amalgamation of mind, body and soul.

Great news for Inside Outside lovers- Its now live @

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