Fresh Flowers As Home Decor!

As we’ve deliberated this even before that flowers make for the best decor for any home. Even a single stem of a bud can bring in the fresh feel, and a whole bunch can be all magical! For today, our focus is the same along with these beautiful homes, just sit back and see how flowers are the icings on the cake!!

long blue vase with yellow flowers

Long stemed yelllow flower in a long blue vase are doing a good job together.

turquoise decor, single stem flower as decor

As much we are loving teal, this scene won’t be complete with that single stem orchid!

flower painting flowers on center table

So much for the bunch, this living room has quite a few even in the beautiful painting!

large clear glass vase with orange flowers distressed look

The distressed looks, deep royal blue and flowers are doing the trick!

long clear glass vase with flowers

It seems flowers were the only thing this room needed amongst the beiges, browns and creams.

clear glass vase with flowers on window sill

Flowers and floral patterns are the love of this bright room.

rose flower decoration on dining table

A bunch of fresh flowers on the breakfast table may induce the required positivity at the beginning of the day!

decorating flower inside cage

Caging birds is not a good thing, but caging flowers only seem fair, especially with how beautiful it is looking!

flowers in copper jug

Try a few styling ideas with flowers, they seem to go well with copper!

big flowers in ceramic jug

Works well with black and white too

flowers in pedestal pot in kitchen

Don’t forget to add these lovelies to your kitchen.

colorful roses in a vase on fire mantel

Whether you like it bright..

flowers in a white vase

Or subtle pastels, they(flowers) never shy away from making a home more beautiful.

Place fresh flowers for some inspiration whether you are doing something creative or writing a love letter!

And then these Billy Ball flowers- we absolutely love them! Learn how to DIY them here.

Flowers are so selfless, they inspire, decorate, beautify our homes and then fade off to earth. Bring them home till they are at their peak beautiful and brighten up your home with these wide variety of flowers. Also read our post on the 5 must have houseplants at home!


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