Bagh E Bahar Carpet Mug

Bagh-e-Bahar, Original motifs Mug by Good Earth!

Who could have thought the beautiful flowers from Samarkand gardens can find a place in your tea ware. Well, who else- good The regal carpet designs on mug called bagh-e bahar can now be a part of your tea-times. These hand-thrown mugs with original motifs are very beautiful and would definitely make your day, every morning!

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More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 650/- 

Color/Finish : Mutlicolor floral design

Size : 4″ x 3″

Why we chose what we showcased?

A touch of royalty during your tea-times can do nobody no harm 🙂

Our rating : 4 Chevrons  ^^^^

Final words, RHD says: Reasonably priced for something as royal, go for it!

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