it’s about time, yes, our favorite festival week has begun!! Holi, one of the most prominent of Indian festivals comes with lots of positive energies in the form of color splashes, good food and meeting friends & family. A variety of sweets & snacks are made in every home. People visit each other to play Holi and then indulge in some home-made snacking.

This gives us all a great excuse to re-do our home decor and prepare well before the festivity. Decking home in colors of Holi will definitely add a lot of punch to the whole mood. Holi also marks our new year another great reason to deck-up home with new colorful accents from FABFURNISH– You’ll feel spoilt with a wide variety of amazing products to choose from!!

As we step into this festival of spring, saying ‘au revoir’ to winter, we hope Holi brings with itself all the colors to your home & life.

Today, we have done a home, which is in full mood to receive its guests, play Holi and entertain them with food, fun and frolics. Let’s get inspired…

Mix media

The splashes of color, how they mix and then become one. How everyone (whatever their color, class, state) looks the same- drenched in the beautiful colors of Holi. This is exactly what we are doing here. Not only do we have a mix of colors and textures here but we’ve brought in an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary in sync with each other.

The Look

The look though vibrant and colorful is balanced with earthy tones of orange and textures of wood & clay here and there.



|1| |2| |3|

Foremost is the wallpaper(1)- choosing right one is imperative. Three reasons why we chose this one-

  a) it gives a perfect spring feel,

  b) just right measure of colors in the background &

  c) more neutral negative space for all the colorful elements kept in front of it to stand out.

Wall clock(2) with a pic of splash of colors- perfect direct implication.

We have selected a single yet prominent purple colored pendant light(3) for this living room scenario.



|4| |5|

The wall is decorated by two beautiful wall hangings- both of different genre. One is a fushion wall art(4) and the other one is a hand painting(5). Yet both seem to be in love with each other and together these two add to the whole look & feel of the room.


|6| |7| |8| |9| |10| |11| |12| |13| |14| |15| |16|

This side highlights the traditional horse bench(16) along with other colorful accents.

The Green wire stool(6) is perfectly balanced with other colorful elements like the striped lamp(9), the throw pillows/cushions(10,11). The green stool itself is toned down by the beautiful ikat photo frame(8). The purple vase(7) works as a continuity between the upper half and the lower half(See, all purple pendant lighting).

The effect of rainbow colored carpet(13), the vivid candle votive(12) & gobletel(the sherbet glass in brass)(14) is enhanced by the wooden low center table(24) and the orange sofa(17).


|17| |18| |19| |20| |21| |22| |23| |24| |25|

Colorful striped cushions(23) are placed on the floor against the all-orange sofa(17) for some casual feel to the after-Holi chit chatting mood. Here earthy tone of clay snack platter(25) and wooden center table(24) & end table(20) is well balanced by the multi-colored lantern(21) & the dramatic Hookah(22). On the wooden end-table we’ve synchronically placed contrasting yet bright decorative accents- the Rajasthani marble vase(18) & the shilp chakki woman(19)!

How to appropriately use colors and have a balance??

Colors are very important part of a home decor, but over-doing or not to be able to synchronize them can result in a messy look. That’s why it’s important to have a basic understanding of what would work the best. We aren’t asking you to follow any rules- it’s your home, you know  what look soothes your eyes the best. We are just trying to help you bring out the best result.

We have laid down 10 interiors for your reference and how colors are playing in each of them..

|a| |b| |c|

The gray effect

Grays are colors best friend when it comes to highlighting them. You can have gray wallpaper or gray painted on one of your walls. The colors will stand out when put against them. Grays on walls are also used to define and to bring attention to a particular space. 


Mighty white

White background never fail to impress. When you feel confused, then you can select white as your colorful accents’ backdrop. White balances the extra brightness generated by vivid colors. 


Your colorful corner

Another way of doing it is by dedicating a whole corner to your colorful explorations.

|f| |g|


Textures play a very important role when it comes to subduing a strong effect. In this case the brick walls does the trick for the vibrant colors. 

|h| |i|

All color

Not many of us dare to use an ‘all color’ coding. But a li’l sneak peek into these interiors and we know that they have the capability to look amazingly dramatic. Do you dare? 


Pastel anyone!

Pastel are subtle tones of colors- a little matte. You could try them if extremely bright colors scare you!

Holi tells us to embrace colors with all our love. Colors are not be scared of but to be played with- whether its Holi or our home decor.  Be bold and bring home the vibrancy of colors this Holi. No matter what your style, there is more than one for everyone. Choose from the wide range of products from your one stop online shop- FABFURNISH.

Have a happy Holi!

A penny for your thoughts!

*The proportions of the products featured here may differ from their actual size. Please refer to their number links provided for details.

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