black and white can play a very important role, when you want to use colors and are intimidated by their brightness. You’ll see many interiors balanced with neutral colors but there is lot more black or white can do. Read on…

Black or White wonder

Whenever you love a color but don’t know how to use it, where to use it or how much of it, then think of black or white. People do go with off-whites, beige or even browns when they face such a situation. But when the colors are used with either black or white or in some cases both, the effect is truly eye-catching.  

The blacks

|I| Blacks are mostly used in interiors where we need a little definition to the characters around it. For instance if we use yellow sofa in front if a black wall, we are intending to put all focus on the sofa. Or if we put a red vase over a black sideboard, we want to enhance the vase’s beauty. Avoid using lots of blacks around your home as you don’t want to darken the feel of it.

The whites

On the other hand, white is mostly used to balance the otherwise bright color. Its has a kind of a smudging effect. The good thing about white though is that it can be used anywhere- on your walls, in your furniture, your flooring, etc. And if you splash a few bright colors , its not going to do any harm. Till date, you’ll find most of the homes having white walls, its a comfortable color. But the challenge here is to treat white in a way that your home looks different. That’s where the bright colors come into picture. Avoid a completely white decor. First maintaining the clean look will be quite difficult. Secondly, it would only end up looking boring instead of bright.

Black and White with texture

B&W or Gray

|III| & |IV| If black and white is too much for you to handle think-black and white both together or their mid tone-Gray. You’ll be surprised with the results. Gray goes with almost all colors for interior decor. It can be used in accents, walls, curtains, ceiling, flooring, larger pieces of furniture, along with your favorite color. When you use both black and white – use white mostly where you want to balance the area  and black on the corners and spaces where you to enhance an object or two.

Understanding the beauty of gray + colors through these images!

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