Mia-Louise Mailund Smith’s gorgeous Home & Work

this beautiful abode belongs to Textile designer and illustrator Mia-Louise Mailund Smith. The brain behind MisseMai. Two things that really catch the eye here in this home are 1) the minimalist approach & 2) the surreal yet quirky graphics many of which is work of the artist herself.

It’s a two bedroom home with immense day light in Denmark’s Hellerup.

The Windy Autumn Tree from her own brand and the books are enough to tell this home belongs to a book lover.

The famous Cat girl poster takes the height of a shelf.

The clean look is to die for!!

The World of.. print again from Missemai upholds the cleaner look of the kitchen.

Finding this today has made us quite happy. The home is calling, and a true reflection of what MisseMai illustrations could be all about. Hope this made your day too!!

A penny for your thoughts!

All Images HomeLife ~via~ Daily Dream Decor. For more images of Mia-Louise Mailund Smith’s home click here and here for MisseMai Online boutique.

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