Maps in interiors as home decor!

Maps can bring nostalgia to most of us. Learning geography in school! But don’t we leave those physical and political maps once we pass out of school/college. Maps now mean navigations to our destination. But for some maps are graphics with drawings & colors. Those some decorate their homes with maps- large sized to vintage; colorful to neutral tones. These beautiful interiors will tempt you bring maps back to life now!

One of the fave places could be your home office.

An addition to your rustic decor- maps as wallpaper in your living room.

Not sure but this US map mural looks like the particular state’s car number.

A sailor’s navigation- in the bathroom.

Loving how seas and oceans are gray here.

Maps in a kids room can hardly ever go wrong.

Oh! great vintage maps- priceless!

Give a classic touch to maps with a Gold frame and linens.

Maps as decor in kitchen too!!

Notice how land is sea here and sea is land.

Square vintage neutral toned map.

Notice how each country is represented through their flag.

Are you loving this- we love this basin with design and carvings.

3D map backdrop in an ultra rustic white bedroom.

Globe as a potpourri bowl.

Up-cycled globe pendant lamp.

Home is where map shows- recycled maps decoupaged type.

This has been a great inspiration for us and hope for you’ll too. Don’t throw away those large-small, old-new maps just yet, think of something creative to do with them.


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