growing, tending, planting, placing are not just gardening habits. Once you collaborate your garden with beautiful planters and garden accessories, you’d surely feel there is more to it. These beautiful plants are not just giving you fresh air, they are a great decor accents as well.

Lest we forget, here we are as promised with our third and last of planter round-up. Today’s picks are all our faves. Since its in the midst of our on-going theme ‘rainbow days’, these selected planters will break and keep the monotony at the same time. You’ll realize that yourself once you sneak a peek…

|36| Loving these magenta planters in three sizes and shapes, yet a family. It’s a complete package if you don’t have space for more.

|37| These mini ceramic sky planters. themed ‘flora and fauna’ are great for your side-board top. Must have.

|38| Amazingly distressed looking planter and good to go for adding a little interest in your herb garden.

|39| This neon pink ceramic planter will take away all the attention and rightly so. These are DIY by taping around using painter’s tape and spraying the left-over area with the color. Try on any of your planter for that half and half look.

|40| This double bucket plant holder is a great find for small spaces. The wooden handle in between is for ease of carrying but also adds an interesting element to the bright pink planter.

|41| These concrete multi-faceted planters look like a piece of art, and look great even without plants. These are landscape planters available in four sizes.

|42| This antique, planter made out of wood in a beautiful shade of blue makes a great piece of decoration. It would be perfect for an entry way on patio table top.

|43| These set of 2, ash planters are our fave for its shape. It would be interesting to see how one places these angular planters, great for defining a space.

|44| These set of five mini planters are ideal for modern homes. we feel they can be great for gifting as well.

|45| Last but not the least at all, our very own, ol’terracotta planter, we feel can never go out of trend. Plant some beautiful plants in them and they make a great pair with green!

We would keep bringing you ideas regarding your garden, planets and garden accessories. But as of now we end our planter series today, with a hope that they were an inspiration and an excuse enough for you to grab a few and decorate around your home if not your garden or balcony. Check out Part 1 & Part 2 for more ideas.

A penny for your thoughts!


  1. Love all of this fabulous selection of planters. I especially have my eye on the geometric ones. /Niki

    1. Thanks niki :). Love those too, quite sculptural! Do keep coming back, or ‘like’ our Facebook Page here to get daily updates. Thanks again for liking the round-up.

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