Things, people, games that we play, colors, textures, fragrance, taste, etc- ASSOCIATIONS!

remember that game where you need to say the first thing that comes to your mind with a particular thing or word, what you associate it with. Let’s play the same game again! This time you just have to think of all your associations with the seven colors of rainbow. We have laid down our own associations with these colors(one for each color). Do they match with yours? 



|I|  |II|  |III|  |IV|  |V|  |VI| |VII|

Childhood Memories

These associations are mostly from our childhood, where experiences become sweet memories and we love going back to them again and again. If we associate something with things we loved as a kid, we’d always associate that particular thing with that. Its true not just with colors, it can be anything tickling any of our senses. That’s the impact our childhood experiences have on us, Therefore on a different note, it is very vital that we try and give our children a great atmosphere, a loving family and a secure touch as much as we can. Not to forget, going on picnics, holidays, sharing our childhood experiences with them, etc- these small things are important too!. Help them create sweet memories that they will be keeping with them all their life!

Design Connect

Well, we got a little off track, but today’s post is all about this. We take whatever comes our way as we grow, we learn, we learn to perceive, we like/dislike. It is when someone shares something that we love too, we feel the connect. The same can be said about design on the whole. They are all personal creations of someone that we feel associated to.

A penny for your thoughts!

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