Most Amazing Bookends!

who said organizers can’t be pretty little things! We must always try to bring in beauty in everything we do, to make things less boring or more interesting. We feel ‘bookends’ are perfect for this calling. They not only organize frequently used bundle of a few books together, they come in such great designs, organizing becomes fun and more of a want than a need…

Today, we are closing our topic ‘storing * shelving * organizing’ with these amazing home decoratives, they are fun, sculptural, weird and very creative ideas. 

How do people come with these strange ideas? The first one gives an impression as if the books are held together by the touch of a finger. And in the second one the books are clamped together by tap-handles.

|1| |2| |3| |4| |5| |6| |7|

Animal cuteness

There are all sorts of animal bookends available for all of you who love animal figurine decor products- dog, cat, elephant, giraffe and what not. The dog(3) is our fave.

|8| |9| |10| |11| |12| |13|

Black beauty

The moment you draw a limit in terms of clever ideas for a bookend, you’ll find yourself surprised. It comes in the form of our everyday used products and even actions. Love the headphone(10) bookend and also how two men(13) are pushing in opposite directions to keep books intact.

|14| |15| |16| |17| |18| |19|

Some color and fun

You can always have colors and a little fun element for these are meant to be kept at a place where everyone can see with only a few books. How interesting is the idea of having fish bowls as bookends!!

|20| |21| |22| |23| |24| |25|

Owls in decor items

We seem to have a curious quotient when it comes to owls. They are so interesting in how they look, how they stay awake and can see only at night when all of us are sleeping. This is mainly the reason, they find their place in many decor items. How about one of these for your home? If you are looking at organizing all your books, a simple-great bookshelf would do!

We’ll definitely keep on updating everything ‘organizing’ as and when we can, may be in a different way, we’ll keep touching this topic on and off. Sheer Fun!

A penny for your thoughts!

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