most of us know  and understand of gold only in jewelries. For many its unimaginable to use gold in interiors. Today we’ve picked this daring color to let us understand that using Gold here and there if not as the dominating color ain’t a bad idea after all.

There is a whole bunch of creative people daring to use this color and wisely- for beautiful interiors to die for. We do agree some go over the board and not quite practical to incorporate around our home if we want to. But these 25 interior inspirations are great if you are looking for a hint and a touch of gold in your interior and are a little confused about their usage. Get inspired…

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One color that you can very comfortably use with gold is white. It completely balances the intensity of gold. As you can see in these living rooms white in some way or the other is used in them all.  We see gold in wallpaper in stripes with white(1); There is gold in chair rims(2); part of ceiling done is gold(3) is a dominating factor of this living room. One place where we are used to seeing gold is in lightings(5) & (6). Other colors which balance gold are beige and browns, whereas yellow enhance it.

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Gold is very interestingly used in these spaces.  The empty gold wall frames(8) look very impressive in white surrounding. The beautiful gold stool table(9) stands tall in the matte finish black flooring. The use of beige and white completely are in complete harmony with the intricate-work mirror frame(10). In this particular scene(11) we see gold used with brown, beige, white and black- all the colors we feel go perfectly with gold.

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These examples will help you bring gold in your bedrooms. We see warms colors red(12) and orange(13) in white bedrooms with a hint of gold here and there- in wall frames, bed frames and table legs. Best way to use gold if you are intimidated by it is dull gold and perfectly enhancing it is gold and white wallpaper as can be seen in this bedroom interior(14). We are loving the gold round mirror-frame(16) in a gray background. We generally too love this bedroom with black nightstands and comfy beige bed. And how about this black headboard with dull textured wall background and shiny gold pillow interior(17)?

|18| This beautiful interior finds its place here as a mere example of its usage with woods and whites. To understand how easy it is to use gold in a room without it looking very rich and posh. It also has the capability to merge with other materials and colors to look ‘cool’.

|19| We are absolutely loving this study-table scenario. This is totally elegant- dark brown table, white leather chair, large gold-framed wall hanging and ceiling to floor gold curtains- they all work together to give this look.

|20| Hint of gold in bathroom in the form of accessories, mirror frame and lighting- high drama!

|21| This completely gold side board with gold rimmed chair and lamp would have looked completely different had it not been for the playful red, blue and white wall hangings.

|22| We can see a dull gold in the dresser, bright gold in the chair-rim and pot, silver-gold in the mirror frame in this beautiful peacock inspired setting.

|23| Black and gold- both distinctively stand out when put together in a scene. Here, the beauty of intricately carved mirror frame couldn’t have done better than in the backdrop of black walls.

|24| Love the minimalistic yet effective use of gold in drawer pull-outs and lighting contrasted with matte gray.(Oh! love how the clear glasses are arranged)

|25| What do you think of this beaten gold shelf doors with marble wall and floor? 

These interiors if nothing were able to slightly remove the fear that gold brings along with itself when we think of using it around our home. We now know that they can matched in sync with many textures & colors and the result is amazing too. Hope it did the same to you. 

A penny for your thoughts!

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