what color, water colors! Colors that we see in waters as we all know are colors of sky and other reflections, whatever the reason for its color, we just know that they are immensely beautiful!

Blue- we would hardly meet someone who is not comfy with blue. That’s a big reason why we see usage of blue around homes quite commonly. But, people don’t go overboard with it when decking up a home, they use it in wall colors, accents, balance it with neutral tones and whites. Also we notice that people are scared of using dark tones in larger elements around home.


Blue is not a new color for us, we are used to seeing it above(vast sky) and below too(rivers, seas), main reason why it goes with almost all colors and textures!!

We are therefore doing a two part series on the shades of blue- how some creative people out there have managed to use lots of blue, different tints- all done so well, you might want to bring in more hues of blue to your home. Today in the first part we are doing 20 beautifully blue interiors- you can figure-out for yourself which one is more of you!

There is nothing much left to say when you’ve these amazing interiors to see, leaving you with them…

But don’t forget to tell us which is your fave ..

|1| With lots of whites, few blues here and there.

|2| All blue larger elment blanced with wood, whites and textures

|3| Floral wallpaper- totally contrasting couch in pink!

|4| Bright pastel blues balanced with white and an opposite color.

|5| All blue larger pieces and walls(darker than normal) balanced with dark pink accent cushions and striped rug.

|6| Lots of white+ blue. Checkered blue and white rug; blue and white floral curtains and throw pillows. Dark pastel blue broad framed photos on the wall.

|7| Teal wall, turquoise sofa, blue-gray lamps, blue patterns on white floor.

|8| |9|

Dull teal- two different kinds of home office space.  One with distressed vintage look and other space saving modern study space with a classic wallpaper. Same color- different effects.

|10| Clever use of blue on floor- blue and white square checks. On borders and here & there.

|11| A sea blue back splash, a few blues here and there and one prominent blue chair!

|12| Perfect balance created between white and blue in this hallway. Infact its literally done half and half!

|13| A combination of blue and wood in the kitchen- wooden accents, blue stripes on towel, clear blue glass bottles and pastel blue wall.

|14| Beautiful sea green(blue green) kitchen island combined with dark brown wood.

|15| Use of blue as accents but just at two places- on chair cushions & blacksplash, yet prominent enough.

|16| Beautiful shade of dark blue on counter top marble, pendant lamp, backsplash and trinkets here and there. 

|17| Sky blue combined with family of brown-light & dark, beige and off whites.

|18| |19| |20|

Shades of sea used in different ways here. All blue on the bed(18), in pendant light and stripes on floor(19) & in bathroom tiles and stool(20).

You can be bored of a particular shade of blue but never from all them. You can add  or remove a particular shade to/from your room.  Which shade of blue is your fave these days??

A penny for your thoughts! 

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