Streaks of Neon in Home Interiors

neon when it enters home zone tells an absolutely different story.  Neon has the capacity to be chic and classy on one hand and fun and cool on the other. We feel, these neon colors are capable of creating magic, turn around a room from boring to attractive- when used thoughtfully! But, yes there is a but- if we over do it, it can be a spoiler too!!

How beautifully done bedroom this! The bright neon green is balanced with grays, whites and subtle florals. 

Here, a distressed look is aimed at with the green neon chair working as a twist in terms of its color and texture.

You’ve to agree with us now- that bathtub is an attention seeker.

Yes. it’s here in this post for its color, but we love the chair design too with lovely throw pillows.

The legs are doing the magic here..

And here too…

In an all neutral and dull room this is exactly what you needed to do.

Neon on accent wall is another easy way to use neon colors.

In an otherwise colorful room, the plain neon cushion still manage to grab all the attention.

A lemon or even two lemon colored neon pendants would suffice! 

You don’t need much when you’ve neon around- loving the neon mustard couch!

Beautiful how two opposites are complimenting each other- neon with pastels!! 

One touch of neon(yellow neon on the niche) with whites around- tried and tested!

This neon peach hall way table is somewhere in between pastel and neon- does it’s magic.

See how just one string of neon can steal the show!

We seem to believe that neon is for women – and if used in home décor the place might look like a girl’s place, right? Wrong! When neon is used around home- the effect though attention seeking is neutral. It can be used to accentuate a space or the product itself. It can infuse instant brightness to an otherwise dull place. Do you have anything neon @home??

A penny for your thoughts!

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