Embroidery in Cushions

it’s an immense pleasure today again as we talk about embroidery and that too on Cushions/Throw pillows which fit in our home decor ideas quite effortlessly. We truly believe as we’ve mentioned before that Cushions/Throw pillows whatever you want to call them, are the easiest and one of the best ways to accentuate the look of any home. If anything, these Indian embroideries have touched that side. We have cushion covers available in all types of embroidery, if not in the original form, we have the modified variations.

We are intending to bring more and more of these beautiful crafts to our home. To make it a little easy to understand, today we’ve rounded up 12 cushions , two each from the six embroideries mentioned in our last post. We’ve placed these on a contemporary looking sofa. We are trying to explain, that with a little effort, you can create a great union of these two furnishings. To make our job easier, you would find more and more unique designs available now. 

a  Aari Throw-pillows

|1| We have this amazing pillow in royal blue with Aari work using Zari threads. To contrast it, we have placed in on a striped, rugged feel, neutral colored sofa.

|2| The second pillow we’ve picked for the same couch is in the same base color with yellow embroidery to splash a little color.

We have matched one and contrasted the other with the sofa. We can always do a mix match.

b Chikan Throw-pillows

|3| Second arrangement is done on a dull bottle green couch. We’ve picked a mauve colored Chikan work cushion to go with it. We see that its neither contrasting nor matching as both them are dark colors, but still, we can’t deny that its gelling well together.

|4| The second pillow has Chikan embroidery done with color matching to the sofa on a dull khadi color.

Here, one pillow is bringing in a little formal look to the whole feel while the other pillow is giving it a traditional yet a casual touch.

c  Kantha Throw-pillows

|5| We have this amazing bright orange sofa and we are in no mood to subdue it in any way and so we got this bright Kantha embroidery in sunny shades. Yellow is always a great contrast to orange and yet it never subdues its effects.

|6| For the second idea we’ve a bright teal floral cushion with Kantha embroidery. Floral prints, patterns, etc also help is highlighting the brightness of a space.

We can have great bright spaces using embroidery work upholstering or accessories as most of them are done in bright colors.

d Phulkari Throw-pillows

|7| We can’t deny that we are totally in love with this mauve couch. To give it a special touch, how about  a contrasting Phulkari work cushion? This bright piece will help decorating around it too.

|8| The second idea is to enhance the beauty of the sofa with a matching Phulkari embroidery.

Here again we’ve contrasted and matched two throw pillows to understand that ideas generate when we do a little trial and error.

e  Kashmiri Throw-pillows

|9| We had to pick a dull( yet amazing) beige sofa for this embroidery called Kashmiri which is as vivid as its place of origin. We’ve these beautiful set of two mauve pillow which are bringing lots of colors to the setting, yet we don’t lose its solemn look.

|10| Another beautiful Kashmiri work throw pillow for sofa.

By now we’ve understood that bright or dull, embroidered cushions go with them all.

f Zardozi Throw-pillows

|11| Here is a little bling to this beautiful traditional Pink sofa. We couldn’t  have completed the post without these beautiful glittering Zardozi work cushion covers.  This bright velvet violet cushion seems to be in complete love with its sofa.

|12| Another piece of Zardozi work matching the sofa is bringing out its rich feel.

Zardozi is evergreen, it’s not a bad idea to bring it to your home or a corner of your home in the form of cushions or lampshades, etc. Though Zardozi upholstery on sofa is not feasible due to its feel, it can be used in these accessories.

We feel it’s our duty to keep these cultural heritage alive and they deserve it for their beauty and the hard work of the artisans. It was a small attempt from our side through this post to create an understanding that these embroideries can still be amalgamated in our modern homes in some form or the other.

A penny for your thoughts!

The proportions of products may vary from one displayed here, please refer to their respective,  alpha-numerics(a, b, 1, 2 etc) links for details.

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