The Versatile Colorful Wire Stools!

Handy wire stools

Stools or end tables whatever you want to call them are one great handy product around home! They can be put to so many uses + they take very less space. Whether you want to place your planter on it, use it as your nightstand, put your pedestal fan on it, use it as your dresser seating or simply want to use as a stair to get something from the closet above! Which other product according to you can serve so many purposes? Now what if we add another quality to it- lightweight-how? The answer is obvious- Wire Stools!! Exactly what our drool today- collection of twelve cool wire stools.

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Cool Blue Flu

Blues are always like a relief to the eyes- wont you just grab one of these without any ado?! Easy to clean , light in weight, you can arrange these about anywhere around home.

|4| |5| |6|

Go Green

Go green with one of these and see your neighbors go green!! Just like leafy plants brighten up your garden, these green wire stools are here to do the same! Place them anywhere and see for yourself.

|7| |8| |9|

Shades of Sun

Or forever favorite sunny shades for that summery-springy feel!

|10| |11| |12|

Play Safe with neutrals

And if you are scared of bright colors, black, white & gray are always there for you. You don’t need to exactly match them or team them up, they are good to do all by them self!

Colors of nature can never go wrong!

The colors of nature- the shades of blue from the sky and sea, the greens of grass and trees, the shades of all in between a dawn and a dusk grab a natural liking from us humans but sometimes using these same bright colors as home decor can intimidate many of us & for all of those, the gray sky can help bring the rain!! (If you know what we mean). And if you want a little more than a stool, check out this beautiful Corolla chair here!


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