Wire Home Accents around Home!

Now that it’s established that wire accents are quite useful and they look great too, even with their rustic look sometimes, we have today beautiful homes and how wires here and there work as different elements- as organizers, stools, baskets, racks; some are rustic with paints coming off, some are prim painted. How this element, tirelessly beautifies our homes!!

With our wire stool round- up in our previous post, we know how versatile these are- keep them anywhere and they make things look good.

Oh! How lovely is this vintage wire bathroom accent- for towels, toiletries, rolls. All you need to do is, hang it just at the right place.

The rustic look it creates can be an intended mood. this shelf can hold all your goodies!!

Wire baskets are great for home office purposes too- whether its rolled papers, magazines or any other clutter that needs organizing.

These wire letters make for a great hanging option and also make for a cool peg board.

These cute pink ones separate two kinds of personal accessories here in the above image.

The vintage basket can double up as many things- let your imagination go creative.

Now, we know wire baskets are great for fruits, have always been..

How about using them differently..hanging them down.. like this..

Or this?

Even if wire objects more space than their weight, they don’t look voluminous or bulky. And of course with their light weight, we can try various permutations to finally what looks best for our home!!


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