Beige Brown and Blue In Home Interiors

its an old living room story, there’s nothing new to tell about that. Whenever any one of us are in doubt, we fall back to Brown n Beige as our basic home décor color. It’s like black and white of home décor, yet more common.  And we are not even doubting the tried and tested color pallete. So what is it that we are talking different today.

Well, actually nothing. It’s the same old story.

What we’ve done is introduce shades of blue(like what we tried in our previous post). And just an introduction of the third B- can change the whole scene completely.

The rug is seeming to bridge the gap here between the brown chairs and the sofa.

Here the use of the three colors are not done in an obvious way and yet there is a flow that doesn’t go unnoticed.

If you’ve kids at home, there are bound to be toys all around. How about decorating your living room taking these elements into consideration. These 3 B’s seem to be doing perfect job here- and it doesn’t even look like a play zone.

Always a great classic color combination!

These bedrooms are a perfect example to tell us  that these three colors together make for a cozy corner. And with right amount of natural light and a balance between textures and colors- the result can be absolutely fab.

We feel an amalgamation of these three colors in a home office can be quite relaxing. After all, all you need is a space with a comfy feel. And with these three colors, that’s what you get!!

This small post with ten beautiful interiors are enough to tell us what a great medley these three B’s can make of. Coming Up in the part two of ‘the three B’s’ is a small round of accents in the same color combo!!

A penny for your thoughts!

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