stacked disk hurricane- candle stand


Stacked disk Candle votive by Homesake


Thanks to pretty things around for making life beautiful whether things natural like flowers and rains or man made things like paintings, flower vase, candles or candle stands or beautiful prints, etc. You instantly feel good when you see them. That’s why having them around is very imperative. The exact same thing happened with me when I saw these oh!-so-pretty stacked disk hurricane by

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More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 699/- 

Color/Finish : White

Material : Mango wood Base, Mouth Blown Glass Cylinder

Size : 12″ x 5.5″

Why we chose what we showcased?

For those family times in the evening, this would just pep up everyone’s mood.

Our rating : 3.5 Chevrons  ^^^`

Final words, RHD says: Bring home the elegance- Go for it.

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