Settees used to be a very common part of Indian decorating household. It still is but people are looking for a newness. They are bored of the same old settees and are rather drifting away from traditional decor ideas. But what if I told you, that our feature today will bring alive your living room and is self sufficient enough to complete a look?  The Settee from will say it all.

(Read: A completely opposite look of the Jeyo tray side table)

More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 60,505, You Pay INR 52,942

Color/Finish : Passion Mahogany 

Material : Wood 

Why we chose what we showcased?

This is a settee that will change the whole look and feel of your home.

Our rating : 3.5 stars

Final words, RHD says: Go for it, it’s different.

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