woods are so deep, we can never truly comprehend them. The secrets they carry. The scars. The rain dancing too. 

They are the ones keeping us intact.  Dark deep browns like dark chocolates. Yet none like the other. The tired ones shanty. The country men’s meeting place. The children’s tyre loop swings on branches. And their fruit stealing from the orchard. They are full of folklores, many untold.



How we love these totally imperfect things? The textures, the stains, the shape, the crust, the dimples

Also notice, how all these have intelligently creative legs.

Now we can’t ask for more inspiration in a day!!

Agreed, you are inspired, so much that you are tempted to bring down a tree… but there is an easier way- go to your nearest timber mart and custom order your table top. And you can always get creative with it’s legs.

A penny for your thoughts!

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