if you loved the boxes(organizers) from our previous post, but don’t to how to use them. Here are a few ideas of how others are using them. These are all simple to apply ideas. Check them out…

|1| Those can be very well a girls’ organizer. This kind of drawer boxes can be arranged inside a closet too. A you can  see a few boxes are not placed to make space for hungered dresses.

|2| Boxes are a crafty person’s best friend. If you are creative and have lots of things that you use for your projects then organzing boxes are a must. It can labeled boxes or transluscent boxes like these where you can see what’s inside.

|3| Shoes have also been a point of concern when it comes to organizing them, keeping them safe. But when we pack them in the boxes in which we got from the store to keep in our shoe racks- we end up opening all of them before we find what we need for the day. This idea of picture tagging is great for those times. For those of you who find it tedious can also stick color codes at the front or simply use a marker pen. 

|4| No, they are not organizing boxes, they are decorative pieces!

|5| Since these boxes are cubes and rectangular in shape, they are easy to place in a bookshelf along with books. This way they can either save a space or fill one.

|6| These days of digital and SLR cameras, we don’t find time to get the prints of many of our life events captured in them. When we want to look at them, we can open our folders and view them all. But we know the importance of printed photographs; opening up an album, sitting with a close one and turning the pages- we all have them, our chilhood memories lie in there. Its important to keep them safe, segragated and labeled. And you can dedicate a whole rack to it(that is if you’ve tons of them) and make them look good too. Keep them reachable for easy and frequent access.

|7| & |8| Its great to inculcate organizing habits in kids. But accesssing those boxes should be made easy and not a difficult task(they would never want to do it). Keeping them under the box is a great idea for keeping toys and books. And if these are wheeled, they can be easily pulled out easily too. Another way of doing them is by having different colored boxes arranged on a rack. This not only keeps their crafty stuffs and toys at one place, they also look good.

|9| If you have those old suitcases, that you no more use for travelling- they work as a fantastic storage cum organizer. Underneath any table, over any cupboard, one over the other. 

|10| You can even DIY your old boxes, or decoupage your new ones with your own graphics and style. How about this map-wrap? 

Hope this gave you a fair idea what you can do with your boxes, how you can use them around your home, And you don’t always necessarily hide them.

A penny for your thoughts!

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