Burlap/ jute sack- throw pillow/ cushion cover

it’s a new year, it’s a fresh new feeling. It’s a new theme ‘Type & Graphics‘ and it’s a new section- Offbeat Idea! It is an amalgamation of two of our sections- Product Highlight & Spotted! So, the section is an amalgamation of old & new.. Exactly how we feel at this time of the year- still holding on to the previous year and looking forward to the new year! Read our home decor inspirations of ‘something old, something new’ theme, which we touched upon at this time that year(’14)- here, here and here!

So, this section basically is a product that we want to highlight which was spotted online, but it’s also an idea that we would love to use, either by buying it or buy DIYing it! Today’s Offbeat Idea is a beautiful throw pillow made out of a rice burlap packaging with its original graphics and texts.

We have found a couple of places where this can bought at:

​Also check out more ideas spotted around the online world..



So, aren’t you tempted now? Which is your fave now??

A penny for your thoughts!

ALL IMAGES & PRICING: respective websites


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