every home is unique, even if you’ve same architectural structure, furniture from same brands, same space, etc. A home is unique with the people who live there. The family that bonds there, their taste, comforting factors… That is why it very imperative that we do, re-do, arrange, rearrange, plan and execute everything under our own supervision if not our self. After all its going to be us who have to live there, everyday! There are a lot of small things you can do around your home, as far as organizing it goes, apart from boxes and baskets.

Today we’ve rounded-up around 25 of such ideas of easy keeping, stacking, storing, decorating stuffs that we use frequently. Organizing doesn’t mean just keep things at one place so that they can be found easily. It also means, that an organized home looks beautiful too. So some of the ideas are also for the sake of ‘pretty picture’. Carry on…

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Small nooks, niches

Create small spaces around home for small things like books, stationary, small decoratives, etc. This is best hung on wall, to save space. Also because most of the things you’d keep here, don’t need to be moved every day.

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Room dividers

If you a large room which you want to divide or want to divide a kids room in two parts without actually separating them, then this can prove to be a great idea. Large two-way racks or racks that can be drawed-out(5) will do the needful of dividing the room and also work as a shelving system that can be accessed from both the sides. You don’t have to build permanent walls or wooden panels to create temporary divisions.

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For lots and lots of things

If you’ve many things that you want to organize and display at the same time, choose the widest wall and dedicate a space for all of them at one place, as you can see in the above two images.  We have suggested doing it both arbitrarily or systematically with tags. Here(7) things are organized in equal sized racks whereas here(8) it is done in unequal ones with random orientations. Which one is you?

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More ladder love

We have already discussed the stage ladder has reached in our post here, but we still wanted to mention that these have become super- versatile. It totally depends upon you how cleverly you want to manipulate it. Oh! what a great place to keep those stilettos!

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The negative stair space

We tend to waste a lot of space behind our stairs(12) mostly because we don’t know what to do with it. If we cleverly plan it, it can work-out to be a great space for keeping just about anything. Another space that many a times gets wasted is the wall along the stairs(11). How about creating shelves to stack a few things over?

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Jars jars jars

Yes, we love them- we can see everything it keeps. How about using it a little differently! Instead placing them over at shelves, how about placing shelves over them- well see for yourself it is quite possible. Just screw the cap to the shelf from underneath(14). Make sure the cap screws tightly to the jar otherwise it may fall down. Keeping yarn inside the jar(17)and end out through cap is also a great idea to keep them tangle free. Another interesting way of hanging jars on the wall differently is with the help of pipe clamps(13).

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Girl stuff

We girls have peculiar organizing issues especially when it comes to organizing junk jewelries and finding them when we need them. We are simply loving this solution of using the old wretched window(18) for keeping them together yet separate. Another easy way of doing it nailing many hook nails to your shelf(19) and keeping them all hung.

No matter how many of them you buy, you keep losing them one by one- I’m talking about hair-pins. This seems to be the best way of keeping them at one place- magnetic strip(21)- stuck/nailed- stick them all. Scarves, bags, hats all everyday stuff- great DIY for keeping these things handy. One side of crate- painted colorfully- hooks nailed – Volia! There you have it!(22)


Keep clothes straight

These shelf dividers are great not just for dividing the rack but also to keep stacked clothes aligned. Especially your office wear which needs to be kept tidy.



Have brought this up before (here & here) mentioning again that tagging, marking what your boxes, baskets, whatever they are, contain, makes life really easy.



We have seen great bookshelves(here and here). But this is an interesting way of stacking them if you’ve a huge collection- color code them. Arrange them color wise.

Hope this works out as partial if not complete organizing solution guide. Do share with us if you’ve anything interesting to tell us to further improve our organizing ways.

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