Mom is an individual, she ain’t God

She has feelings, she gets tired

She makes mistakes. she works hard

To keep it all intact

So next time you find yourself in a contented zone

Know that someone has put herself out

To make it all right – for you!

French Wire Hamper- Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Idea!

Mothers- the individuals we take most granted for. She is not God or His replacement, she is a human being first and needs help too. She is not a superwoman- we’ve stop calling her that expecting her to do everything and with perfection. In fact, she would love small gestures, little things that we could do to ease her off and make her happy.

Laundry hamper on wheels

Today’s Product Highlight from Pottery Barn is that little something in that direction. It’s a Laundry Hamper on wheels.

Remember we are not directing that it’s mom’s prerogative to do laundry. But if and whenever she does it, this would ease off her load , as it can ferry a load full to the washer easily.

  • Size ~  22″(D) x 29″(H)
  • USP ~ Folds flat for easy convenience
  • Material ~ Steel Oxidized finish.
  • Liner Color ~ Ticking Stripe
  • Care ~ Dust hamper with soft dry cloth, liner can be machine washed

Pretty and useful!

This wire Laundry hamper is so pretty, it can always find other great uses around home. So go grab this gorgeous looking french wire hamper from Pottery Barn now! Priced at $159, it can be perfect mother’s day gift!

[Update, as on 9th May 2017: This product is no longer available at potterybarn, though another similar hamper on wheels is available. Check it out here!]

Before you go, check out out last year’s dedication to all the beautiful mother’s out there in the shades of Red, Orange and Yellow!


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