Fluffy Cotton Pouf!

Fresh And Fluffy can also be a feeling.. Lying  on a fluffy pouf, looking into eternity, thinking absolutely nothing and feeling relaxed- total bliss! Just one look on this Moroccan pouf by Anthropologie and you feel invited. This cotton pouf -perfect for summer can be an absolut delight at home- as home accent too!

Close to two feet wide makes it a spacious option in addition to couches and sofas at home.

  • Price ~ $298.00
  • Size ~ 13.5"H, 24.5"W, 24.5"D
  • No two are exactly alike
  • Material ~ Cotton; polystyrene fill
  • Spot clean

Or in your bedroom as seen above. The whole look of the pouf is a relaxed one. When you put in any room, it would give a welcoming comfy look! If this is your summer pouf, how about a winter one again by anthropologie- check here!

A penny for your thoughts!


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