That time of year is here, when we are bombarded with Sale! Sale! and more Sale! Independence Day and Rakhshabandhan- our excuse to check-all that's pending in our list. So we've tried to make a small round-up of list of things you can buy from the on-going-Fabfurnish's Flat 50 Fale(i meant sale). It is always best to do the planning before the sale season. That is because, when sale starts, there is a sudden inkling/urge/itching to buy everything. So, make a list of what you really want and please stick to it.

Asian Arts The Majestic Pine Wood Canopy King Bed Natural
Wood Canopy- King Bed!

#1 Anyway, if you are looking for a change in bed– go for these canopy one's . These are super dramtic and would change the whole look of your bedroom.

HomeTown Prestige Wall Unit Brown
Wall Unit!
Jodhpori Mandir!

So, the sale is here! Okay that doesn't mean you'll insolently go on a shopping spree. There has to be a planning.

#2 Also, spotted just for you is this wood wall mount. I mean really, you''ll love me more  for finding this, when your tv spot on wall looks absolutely spic and clean when mounted on this. If you mount your television on wall- you better mount it using this wall unit, otherwise, it's the same old look- well!

#3 The Jodhpuri Mandir is beautiful in pink and green(oh! reminds of one of my posts @my better-half- read here!). So, if you are looking for a mandir, your search could stop here!

Posh Living Digby Two Seater Sofa Light Grey
Two Seater Sofa -Light Grey
pink two seater sofa
Pompeii Two Seater Sofa Coral

How about a two seater couch this time! The two seater sofa brings in the playful element that might be missing from your home. They not only look cute but also bring a slightly different dimension.

#4 Somehow loving this grey two seater sofa with check back cushioning.

#5 Or this coral two seater for all those amazing family times.

Both these are a completely different look, you can choose according to your liking.

Royal Koas Haverford Console Table Walnut And White
Console Table- Walnut and White

#6 If you place this Console table right at your entry-way, it's sure to create an impression! Also, the color-finish contrast at the start, opens door to many options of how you want to decorate your home! Are you bold enough to get this?

Now, that we've given you a start, choose from any of these products or choose from the vast variety available at Fab Furnish. But remember to make a list first!

All products available at:

Price: #1 Rs. 46,411

Price: #2 Rs. 15,645

Price: #3 Rs. 3,599

Price: #4 Rs. 21,826

Price: #5 Rs. 41,895

Price: #6 Rs. 18,779

*All prices by fabfurnish, subject to change. RHD doesn't take responsibilty for products, their materials & pricing.

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