With internet and WiFi at hand and so accessible, it has become easier to work from home. At the comfort of our home, we feel more relaxed and work is more inspired. But unlike offices, we tend to ignore one major thing very important for our physical well being at home. The postures. We either sit on bed with laptops on lap, or don’t have proper chair table height coordination. It is very important to have a proper chair that you sit on while working and to save yourself from a possible muscle fatigue. (Read: 4 lifestyle mistakes that can kill later). So, when we found a section called ‘ergonomic chairs‘ on pepperfry, we were quite impressed!

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Available at :

Priced at : INR 16,369 You Pay INR 13,913

Color : Tan

Material : Polyurethane (PUR and PU)

Why we chose what we showcased?

Ergonomically designed chairs are very important while working. Unlike the cliches, this one has wooden arms and base making it very good looking too!

Our rating : 4 stars

Final words, RHD says: Go for it.


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