Rainbow Themed Birthday Party for Kids

what a great way to end our theme ‘Rainbow Days’. We feel rainbows belong to kids and birthdays are the most important days of their childhood. Today we have amalgamated both these to a rainbow themed birthday party- rainbow day birthday party! We’ve listed a very simple idea here with only a few basic  things required to have a colorful Birthday  Party. All you need is colors- lots of them….

Birthday banner on the wall

|1| Lets start with a birthday banner, you can ask you kids to design it or you can even have  a large sheet of paper with kids sitting around it with crayons and drawing at their will, have a time limit of say 10 minutes for this At the end of it, attach a string and there you have it. A DIY birthday banner. You can also get your idea printed. Whatever you like, it just has to be very colorful.

Message tags

|2| Then there are tags- these can either be attached with return-gifts or even to game prizes. If you’ve some left over, you can attach them to your gifts too. These too can be either DIY or bought. For simple DIY- cut a sheet of a colorful paper to a small circle; cut another colored paper square, stick circle over square. Using a colorful sketch pen, draw a small flower or a bow and write your personal message using a different colored pen. If you’ve a Pinking Shears scissors, the results are even cuter.

Birthday cake, of course

|3| Most important element and the reason why other kids have come to the party is Birthday Cake. There are tons of options available. If you want a budget cake, custom order a regular shaped cake with the emphasis on the colorful icing.


|4| Invitation slips, can be very exciting for your kids. If the guests live in the nearby locality. You can plan a game for this exercise for your kid. All he has to do is to take the invitation to the first kid, then the kid has to accompany your kid to the other and so on. It’ll be like a chain by the end of it and a little fun before the birthday.

Birthday caps

|5| Kids love birthday caps, even these can be custom done if you are planning a great party. Buy basic birthday caps and ask you kid to stick on whatever he likes, could be beads, colorful strings, paper cutouts, or even name plates, leave the job to him/her. Learn from here

Cup Cakes, yumm

|6| Now this one is your job. If you know how to make cup cakes, great! If you don’t, you can learn them from this amazing blog here

Themed Cups, Plates, Paper napkins

|7| To make the party even more exciting, don’t forget disposable cups, plates and paper napkins. There are plenty of themed sets available, choose the most colorful one. Kids never seem to say no to colors.

Candy Bars in a jar

|8| Buy a lot of candy bars and sticks and arrange them in a huge cup. This would initially work as a prop and can later be distributed amongst the kids.

Balloons, everywhere

|9| Well, no, we didn’t forget balloons. And a kid’s birthday party is incomplete without them. Again, there are many options available in the market.

‘Year Old’ Candles

|10| And last but not the least. our very own cute numeric candles. How we adults like to collect them birthday after birthday!

There are many themed based inventories available in the market, go on explore!. But we feel this rainbow/colorful themed birthday party never gets boring and are the easiest to do. All you need is, lots and lots of colors in everything you buy.

A penny for your thoughts! 

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