Just read an article on how bad mobile phone’s emissions are especially when put near you or under your pillow or when you set an alarm on it while sleeping. The traditional alarm clocks haven’t got extinct and are still available at reasonable prices. Found this one for you on Amazon.in. Even if you put this one around, there are no emissions to harm you. Only problem can be the sound, it’s not soothing to ears, its irritating as it’s supposed to be- to wake you up!

More info

Available at : Amazon.

Priced at : INR 249

Color : Black

Material : ABS Plastic.

Why we chose what we showcased?

Actually we know alarms clocks are a bit passé, so unless you’ve good looking option, you won’t buy. We also know you don’t want spend much on these, so this price is a kind of steal.

Our rating : 3.5 ^^^`

Final words, RHD says: Go for it.

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