Balcony garden solution

You needn’t necessary have a proper space to have a garden. For all of us living in an apartment, you can create your own sweet garden in your balcony. Agreed, it can turn messy and you need proper organizing tools and skills to make it look good. Our find today will help you out with exactly this. This railing box planter  from solves the confusion of where to keep it(hung on the railing of course). Above the floor, saving from all the messiness. Plus you get a beautiful planter to showoff too. All you need to do is, pot your plant inside it! The hole in the galvanized(oxidizing free) box keeps it going for years to come. So, go on bring that floral blush home.

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More Info

Available at :

Priced at : INR 750

Color/Finish : Bright Yellow(more color options available)

Material : GI Metal

Why we chose what we showcased?

Space saving, mess free balcony garden 

Our rating : 3 stars

Final words, RHD says: Go for it.

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