when we say we want to incorporate geometry at home- we may hear a laugh somewhere. The whole house is built on geometry, they’d explain. We say that’s not our angle!! Today, we bring to you twenty such pretty homes which have used geometrical elements for décor purposes and how these simple yet beautiful  lines and angles make them so innovative.

How these planks are placed making several triangles and sub triangles for a simple shelf design.

Simple 2-d cube wall art for a unique look

Two triangles one on top of other make a table!!

Circles on the rug, cube(d) side table and triangle(d)/ rectangle(d) wall wire rack- some direct usage here in this gorgeous home

Angles for some sophistication.

Two and more hexagonal tables for one coffee table

This one is super inspired by geometry.

And here just one element- the pendant lamp is doing the trick!

Angles as accents- a great idea if you are not very sure.

Just little angles here and there even in smaller objects are oh! such cute ideas.

Love the colorful circular wall art, find DIY here, and make your own.

Innovative uses of triangles in home decor and we thought we knew our angles well.

Another DIY for making a boring chair interesting here.

Loving the beautiful combination of pastels and angles.

Rhombus/Diamond wallpaper for the kitchen is serene.

One geometrical element and that too black is quite striking!

These interiors have deliberately used angles around home, goes on to say that simple things are capable of bringing more magic to home when used with just a little twist. All you need is a new idea of doing so.

A penny for your thoughts!

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