Simple Bookshelves for Home!


Our first post in our on-going theme storing*shelving*organizing had to be on bookshelves. This is for a few very important reasons- we simply love books, sometimes we love them as a decor item(ya!). We love the smell inside old and new books. The foremost reason for choosing a bookshelf as our first storing*organizing*shelving post is that we’ve not been able to read books for many days now- our books are all carton packed- looking for a good bookshelf!

Today, we are talking about simple bookshelves- some quite practical- but they all come with a little twist. Lets explore..

You might need a stair to reach this lovely stair design bookshelf’s top niche. This pair of shelves would be a great idea for high ceiling home and can be used as bookshelf cum decor rack.

This square bookshelf has pentagonal niches(mostly) where books take different angles. We can create a color collage with same colored paperbacks in one section.

Do you like it up-side down? If you want to stack only a few books and want to do it differently, we ask- can you get more different!!

And you thought the water pipe has just one use. While you and me feel happy exploring great finds, there are others making innovations. This is easy, and the brick background suits just fine.

Work of art this small wall art book-shelf. Made of flexi-ply, with or without books, this is one perfect example of simple-great designs.

This simple bookshelf is great for a kid’s room for books, toys and other decorative. It’s total space saver and uses most of it’s side for storing/displaying.

Loving this multipurpose rack. Though some of the areas can’t be used, its basically a decor item in itself.

Perfect for a kids room- this shelf can be great for kid’s book and toys.

This yin-yang bookshelf can be great for office, home-office!

What do you do when you have good quality cartons? What say for this cool idea of stacking three sized/shaped into one rack. Recycled!

This is a masterpiece. This book-rack has a fuctionality of seating right in the center. So when you sit on it to read your book- you are literally surrounded by books.

This is one great option for corners(to be used the other way around) or nook poking out. Quite a good looking shelf for books and other stuffs for your living room.

We are loving this bookshelf for how the middle portion sags to the weight of the books and forms a curve. Also, noticeable is the choice of the size of the books, how in the end they form a straight line for themselves.

What better DIY for a book shelf- this is hung from the walls using simple planks as racks and left-over cut pieces for side support.

A whole unit is made out of this single piece flexi-ply. Works as a cubicle, table and shelves at different levels.

Hope you had good fun with these bookshelves. And also feeling inspired to do something different with your bookshelf. A rack is the easiest to give twist to- through color, material, texture or shape.

If you want to organize a fewer books, bookends are a great option, see our Bookend Round-Up! For organising using wire racks, read our post here.

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Updated: 17th April 2015

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