kitchen is one area which just cant be kept unkempt. You have to do that on a daily basis and sometimes a few times a day. It has to be neat and clean- for if kept otherwise, it can be hazardous to health. So cleaning is one aspect for which we have many tools and accessories that help us maintain the standard.

This has changed- no not the cleaning part but how these kitchen accents look. They are no more just useful products kept aside but are gorgeous looking and play the decor part too. In short, kitchen accents  are no more boring at looks. And the competition is getting stronger by the day.


►                          ►

Whether its all floral..

|1|  |2|  |3|  |4|  |5|

Cute graphics are also popular.

|6|  |7|  |8|  |9|  |10|

Or graphics with quotes, recipes.  Monochromatic kitchen tools graphics.

|11|  |12|  |13|  |14|  |15|

And these will always be our favorite. These are old styles but they never seem old. These, especially 12 & 14 are stuffs we’d love for our kitchen.

While looking at these, was just wondering who would want to use these and make them dirty? One would always want to keep them new and clean(because they are very pretty). So in that case it’s a good idea to get two of same design. One for the looks and the other for the uses.

A penny for your thoughts!

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