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All things green and  all things brown!
All things oversight 
All things that seem right
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All things checked and all things ripe
All things glitter but
Just one stripe|

some would say, bring home stripes, it’s in. We say stripes were always in, they can never go out of trends. Yes, we can always try out something new with them. I’m sure there are many of you who love stripes but don’t know exactly what look you want. and then many of you experiment with stripes in kid’s room(well, many of our creativity come out in a kid’s room as we feel less limited). Anyway, the best place to get stripes are walls, they are also the best place to try them out. We have lined up fifteen interiors with different look of stripes. See which one of these match the idea brewing in your mind the most. Go on stripe your walls. These walls have been paired with a chair/couch/sofa for better understanding of how they would actually feel with objects around it.

Match them all 

|1| Lets start with a refreshing look and feel. This is a  light blue, white and green horizontal stripe wall, atched with exactly the same pattern upholstery. If stripes are light and cool, they can be matched around and will not look repetetive. This mostly beacuse of white. It gives a feeling of space.

 Match red with lighter shades

|2| Beautiful stripes on one of the walls. Lighter shades are broader and the bold red has thinner stripes. This is done to match the products-chair and small table with the walls as well to highlight it. Perfect setting for a corner.

Define the traditional look with vertical stripes

|3| The traditional white chair has a subtle yet striking background. The walls here has vertical stripes defining the curves of the chair.  This is tried and tested look and you won’t need to think twice for it.

Browns & Beige

|4| This is a classic combination -brown and beige. And, here we see so many things happening- definitive vertical stripes are combined with organic floral patterns of the sofa. Also, matching the look is the leather side table and the brown lamp shade.

Candy look

|5|  Pink can work very well at corners. though too much of it in a living room will give it a Barbie home feel. Not the case with the above shown corner- here the pink is balanced with browns. A combination we don’t come across frequently. We see broad vertical stripes of pink and white on the wall breaking the striking look of pink.

The Gray way

|6| A prim finished chair with a back drop of the rustic finish gray wall with horizontal stripes. The look has two levels with gray and light browns in wooden floor, rug and side table.


The cool blue

|7| Well, a blue corner by the window never fails. And when its striped in two shades on the walls the result is even fresher.  The wall has a broad white wooden base. We love the blue and white striped chair in front it with dark brown legs.

Multi-color stripes

|8| Minimalistic design, here a lot is happening on the wall with subtle shades of pink more prominent than others. The balancing act is done by the white door, a gray planter and a minimalistic chair. 


The bright white and red

|9| As we discussed above balancing red and other bolder colors with light shades, here again we see red horizontal stripes on the wall. Everything around is white except for the cushion and small objects here and there. So, the point is if you want to highlight the object in front of the wall, pick a bolder color either from the stripes on the wall or even otherwise. whereas if you want to highlight the wall, smudge the effect with lighter shade on the objects around it.

The adjusting stripe

|10| This is an easy stripe and would go with almost anything, you don’t need to particularly work around it to match things around. Like in the above image you see,  the sync is created on the objects around the room, whereas the wall stands like a neutral yet refreshing background.


Black & white and gray

|11| Light gray and white vertical stripes for the black and white striped chair. The subtle stripes to define the chair with traditional form and modern upholstery works as an ideal setting. The yellow cushion is breaking the grayscale repetitiveness.


Or match it with smaller accents

|12| Well this one is our favorite, may be not exactly because of stripes, but the whole treatment of the room. Yes, we can’t deny the drama created by the vertical grayish stripes. This time if you notice, the stripes aren’t matched with the main object of the scene. It is rather matched with the chair and the wall hanging. This again to bring most of our attention to the beautiful yellow floral pattern couch. 

Select all the colors from objects around

|13| Selecting most of the hues from the chair,  a fine-looking horizontal stripes don the wall behind it. This is one of the easiest ways to do stripes, works almost all the time since the colors are taken from the objects around it. 


Evergreen- gray and white

|14| None of the colors match here in the corner in the above image. A gray and white vertical stripes is accentuating a simple chair beautifully. This wall also has a texture to it. Grays go well with wood finishes too.


It’s a wide stripe

|15| Here, you might not notice a striped wall instantly, This is because the horizontal stripes are wide, quite wide. Nonetheless, the effect is still amazing.

Hope in these 15 interiors, you’ve found what you are looking for. Striped walls are easy to do. You can either Do It Yourself (tutorial here) or get a professional help.

Go on stripe those walls.

A penny for your thoughts!

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