Brown & Beige Throws

How to use throw on sofa?

you might feel a little weird for us doing a post on ‘throws’ at this time of the year. But if we tell you that somewhere in the world it is cold and they are very much interested in buying a new one, will that be sufficient? And if we tell you that, its rainy season which tends to get a little cold sometimes and we are simply picturing you on a couch with a hot cup of tea and a light throw over you- will the post still sound irrelevant to you?? No? Yes!! And so this post..

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These are here to stay- the traditional checks! If you are not sure, you can go for these blind-folded. And most of already have those don’t we? #Vintage

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If you’ve a plain sofa/couch- you might want to bring some texture through one of these kinds of throw. These are great because unlike your sofa upholstery you can change these frequently and bring about a whole different look to your living room.

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Or these less texture ones or single colored/both sided ones. These would go best with already textured, printed, multicolored sofas.

Ok, now that we’ve seen a few different kinds of throws, we also need to learn the art of throwing.. well just kidding, this is no rocket science- you can put them however you want to. But just a few ideas of how it can be done can do no harm.. 

How to throw a throw?

You can create a plaid like this for a prim look.

It can be randomly thrown behind throw pillows/cushions.

It can be folded and properly put on one of the arms of the sofa.

It can be kept one side also contrasting with your sofa’s throw pillows

Or it can just be throw arbitrarily on the couch.

You can cover you single seater with one of those. (By the way, loving that appliqué work throw.)

Whites will work with most of the sofas. 

You can even go with prints on plain color sofas. We just did a post on Cococozy. And we simply want this brown & white throw from Cococozy again.


You can also go for a wooly or a crochet work for a throw.

You don’t always have to be prim and proper for it to look good can be clearly understood from this dreamy scenario. Now, who doesn’t want to take a nap on this  on a rainy day?!

Hope with this post, you are inspired enough to make great use of those throws you already have and make you get one if you don’t. you can even spot a corner with a single seater by the window for this look with the throw.

A penny for your thoughts!

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