triangles fascinate us- the most among all basic geometric shapes. So our first geometric tricks post is going to be on these simple little angles and how when two or more mingle, create something called magical(well almost). Having them on the wall is the safest experiment, you can always change if you don’t like the idea.

Create a small patter of shapes on the side.

Or cover the whole wall with small colorful triangles pointing in upwards direction

Or gray toned triangles with arbitrary colorful exception here n there.



Here we found two images with same wall design- great way to explain how same colors behave in two scenarios. Apart from this what we found interesting was how one of the triangles is brought down to the floor.

Here different sized triangles are drawn from door to wall.

Loving the patch on the wall.

Pink triangle in a nursery’s room with gold one’s here and there- cute idea.

Very different approach and effect in this effect with the triangles in darker tones, covering the wall till the bookshelf. the shades create a very dramatic effect.

Whether you choose bright colors or subdued ones, creating a particular pattern or simple one directional- also depends on how your home is decorated.

In love with this kitchen , how cleverly  colorful tiles in the shape of triangles make them a center of attraction.

When confused best way to do it is on an accent wall, with whites here and there.

Well, and if you are still apprehensive of the whole triangle adventure- how about trying it on the ceiling first!


You can even create a simple paper/gift wrap cut out headboard. Check the full DIY here.

Check out another DIY using not only different colors but different textures too.

Hope one of these ideas struck a chord with what you vaguely had in your mind, so are you ready to bring triangle home yet??

A penny for your thoughts!

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